Happy New Year...a few days later

I know, I know, New Year's Eve was a few days ago, and we rang it in with dear friends at their place with some glorious desserts and cocktails and a round or two of dominoes. Perfect. But since then, I have been stuck in neutral, kinda pooped and unable to really get it in gear. That is until yesterday when after combing over my novel revisions and giving into a nap, I resumed my dance class ritual at Swerve and sweated my butt off!

70 minutes later, soaking wet, and on a hip hop-salsa-cha-cha high, I felt my old self back. This is great news to me, because my old self has to finish the latest round of revisions, get a haircut, revise a script and start a new one in two weeks!

But first another dance class!

Hope you New Year got off to a high kicking start!!

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