Lately, I am seeing stripes everywhere! On the cover of the J.Crew catalogue, in Anthropologie, on great design blogs...my beloved stripes are tempting me, cheering me up with their nautical nattiness!

There was a time when I wouldn't wear stripes, when I was convinced that the horizontal direction of the lines made me look wider than I was. That time was a long time ago, long before I started living in comfy jeans and wide legged trousers, and striped t-shirts, my favorite writer's uniform. Even though I have a home office, I still get up, get dressed, powder my nose, and swipe some mascara and lip gloss on, to sit down at my desk. I've written about it before here, but I treat my home office like a real office, a place I go to 'work', meaning no pajamas after breakfast. Writing is hard and unstructured, and demanding, and isolating and anything that can help me to feel grounded, anything that can provide some sort of structure or stabilizing ritual, is really important to me. Like a uniform. A happy, stripey nautical uniform.

What about you? You do have a special kind of uniform for the work that you do?

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