I am up to my eyeballs in boxes and packing paper and bubble wrap!

Last night we signed the lease and inspected our new apartment and it is beautiful!! We also met the new neighbor across the hall who will be moving in 2 weeks after us. She is a full time working mom with a young daughter, who attends school full time and spends half the time with her dad. She totally gets that I work from home and assured me all will be well noise wise with the exception of an occasional play date, same with us, but with the exception of an occasional dinner party. And she is going to get a dog...so I am hopeful that Mabel will get a friend. That would be great. Although, I am still dreaming of getting a little buddy for Mabel ourselves. But so far the building seems to be full of nice, considerate people, who care about their space and getting along with the other tenants. Good neighbors are a blessing.

As if this week couldn't get any busier, I now have 2 deadlines, for Monday and 2 auditions today. To me this is a fantastic week, full of writing, acting and if my place could just magically pack itself it would be perfect!

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