Less than a week away!!

It's all very exciting, our move is less than a week away! All we have to do is pack, paint, decorate, meet deadlines and then unpack set up and get back to work. Yup, that's all.

Meanwhile the Santa Ana winds have picked up and are blowing across Los Angeles and wrecking havoc with my allergies! They were really blowing last night up in Chatsworth where we were guests for a Golden Globe feast at the house of dear friends! We dined on caramelized onion soup and cranberry squash, green beans and tomato gallettes, followed by baked apples and vanilla soy ice cream and peanut butter and chocolate squares!! And wine, wine and more wine! I have to say that the Globes were so boring and tame and safe this year...thank goodness for the outstanding hospitality and terrific company of great friends. I can not wait to cook them dinner at our new place!

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