Last Day in London...

My cousin and I had great plans to go shopping, but after a long night of laughing and talking and getting to bed at 3:00 a.m. we all slept in. It was just as well, as it had been raining non stop and showed no signs of letting up. We dressed up and headed out to Bistroteque a super hip warehouse place in East London that is a favorite special occasion place of Anya and Eric. Spare in design with an all white decor, the tables are arranged around a huge white grand piano where the pianist plays classical versions of pop and rock songs from the likes of Depeche Mode, David Bowie, and The Cure. The food was outstanding, I had a lobster salad, salted cod, and creme brule, and we all shared a pitcher of raspberry bellini's. We chatted and ate for hours catching up on family history, which is something that my cousin and I are both interested in, putting together two sides of the story from two sides of the family.

After lunch we wandered around the city by bus, and when 5:00pm rolled around we walked along the river for a good hour until we got to Gregory's the oldest wine bar in London. It is literally under the Thames. The bar itself is in an old wine cellar and it is dark and crowded and warm. I spotted a group getting ready to leave their table and paused to ask me if I was American. I said no, Canadian, but I live in America now...and they said that if I was American, they wouldn't have given me the table! This prompted a brief dsicussion about politics in which I reminded them that change was coming to America in the form of Barack Obama, and they said they really hoped so.

We left Gregory's for the Symphony and listened to a performance of Mahler's last work. It was gorgeous. Wonderfully raphsodic and remiscent of old movie scores. It was the first part of the evening, the second part being Wagner, which none of us are huge fans, and so we left for more walking, more wandering, more staring out at London all lit up along the water.

A late dinner of pasta and salad at a local joint and finally home. Truly a great visit with two of our favorite people.

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