Frazzled, Fried, and Wide Eyed...

We moved. We did it. It took 5 hours more than the movers said and was 3 times the quote, but in the end we made it. I love the new apartment. Loathe that I can hear the neighbors tv when it is turned up and am determined to find a solution. My neighbors are great and any issues are the fault of an old building with little insulation...it is the California way...but after hours of researching and some great dialogue on Apartment Therapy, a site I love, I have discovered and am going to try soundproofing insulation rubber on our living room floor.

The stuff weighs about a pound a square foot and should dampen airborne noise. It will cover the beautiful hardwood in the living room, but we have a gorgeous area rug to brighten it up and my friend just gave me a great West Elm sea grass rug that she had in her garage! Thanks Stella!

My office is waiting for me to use it, and we are patiently trying to work out the wireless with
AT &T. In the meantime I am naming and copy writing, surrounded by boxes and held in place by Mabel who sleeps on my lap as I write.

Thankfully the cable was up and running and I could witness the amazing historic moment of the inauguration of the 44th President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama. Fabulous.

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