New Year, New Apartment, and Last Day in London...

Well it's a new year and I am going to have a new apartment! We have given notice and given our deposit, but don't get to sign the lease until Monday...so I am not allowed to order anything for the new place until then. This is actually a good thing, as I only saw it the one time, and need to go back and take measurements.

We had been bantering around the idea of moving again, checked out Craigslist and when we saw a place on one of our favorite streets we decided to take a look. We had a list of things that this new place would need in order to leave behind this amazing building that we are in and all of our wonderful neighbors and to be honest I wasn't expecting to find anything for months. Well, our new place has practically everything on the list. An extra bedroom and bathroom, balcony, washer/dryer, hardwood floors, central air conditioning (!), central heat, a common backyard with lots of potential, cool neighbors, pet friendly, room for entertaining, a kitchen I can cook in...it's all there, and it is in our new price range (gulp)...the only thing missing...a dishwasher...but oh wait, the landlord is pretty sure that he has a portable one...that he will give us. Come on. I thought I was dreaming, and I knew that I really wanted it, when another person showed up to check it out and I thought...No! Go away! You can't have it, it's our apartment!

Now, it needs a little work like a lot of original older Spanish style buildings do...but it will be painted and cleaned and I am hoping for new linoleum in the kitchen. Whatever the landlord doesn't do...Jeff and I will do ourselves, having great experience at making any rental feel like a home.

The best part is...I get an office. A real office. It will have to double as a guest room sometimes, but most of the time our guests can stay in comfort in the large living room that will be screened off from the rest of the apartment. It will be like a suite! Oh boy, we are gonna fill up quickly at the new B& B...I mean apartment.

So a new office means...a new desk, or rather for now, my old one from the garage, a clean white and metal one from Ikea...and a new computer. It is time, and I was wondering from all my fellow writers out there, what do you prefer...laptop? Or desktop? I have always used a laptop, but am considering going desktop. Thoughts?

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