It's love...

Sorry I didn't write yesterday, I was too busy spooning my new Mac. We are in love and it is grand. Shiny, bright and able to communicate with it's little buddy the MacBook, we are a happy threesome, alright 4, okay 5, Jeff and Mabel gotta get in on the action too. But I am okay to share. With a monitor this big, there is plenty of Mac Lovin' to go around.

The pad is almost complete..final hallway being painted today, a trip to the container store, this afternoon, and wait for it...the possibility of a built in dishwasher...tears of joy.

And tears of pain. Today was my second mysore Ashtanga class in a row and after 16 sun salutations, I thought my arms would fall off. But I made it through all my standing asana's and after 70 minutes, my wonderful instructor showed me mercy and said I could move onto the finishing postures. Whew.

It has been ages since I practiced Ashtanga and I am excited about the possibility of builidng my practice up again to the daily ritual it once was. I am not so excited about tomorrow's 2 hour led class...but when it is done, I know I will feel great. Although I won't be able to feel my limbs. Small sacrifice. Wonder if this Mac has voice command?

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