Time out for the move...

My brain is consumed with our upcoming move! I can not believe that I haven't posted since Tuesday...this is not good. Maybe it is because every time I am on line, I am scrounging the web and craigslist for rugs and bookcases and wall units for our new apartment. It's madness! We even went to Ikea...and were there so long that we had not one but two meals in their cafeteria! I had a salmon ceasar salad and soup and it was delicious! And it was all under $6.00.

I have to say it...I like Ikea, I think that mixing and matching their furniture with other pieces from other places is the way to go. Ikea's designs are clean and functional and great for small places and yes affordable. We got an armoire closet thing there and a new glass topped desk and a platform bed frame and of course...cute paper napkins, which I can never resist. What I don't like is going to Ikea, as it always takes forever and I dread assembling the furniture. But that's the trade off for great prices.

And today we have to go back, because we need to cancel our order for our media unit in the living room (and can only do it in person)...it will no longer go with our new distressed leather art deco french style club chairs that we got...at half price!!

You see, I really am obsessed with moving!

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