Dreams into action...

I woke up dreaming of being in NYC again today. I wasn't sad or anything like that I just had this feeling that I really needed to be there. It was such a strong feeling, that I have been thinking about it all day. I looked at flights and at hotel packages and as much as I am dying to go (it's been 2 years!) I decided to start a NYC apartment fund instead. I know, the trip would have been cheaper, but there is something about taking action on a dream that helps turn it into a reality. And the reality is, I really want to be living in NYC part of the year, in the next few years. I don't need a big place, and I don't need to own all of it, a friend of mine wants to go in on this apartment dream. But I do want to stop yearning and start working towards my dream to make it come true.

What about you? Are you someone who plans for something in the future, working on it bird by bird as the author Anne Lamotte would say? Or do you just take the plunge when the time is right?

By the end of next week...I expect to have a brand new "Sorell Says..." up and running! The format will be different as will the content, and I hope that you will continue to check in and make your presence known!!


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