Merry Christmas!!!

Christmas in Toronto, cold, full of family, food, and good fun! Even though I am full of snot, and medicated out the ying yang, I am thrilled to be here partaking in my families unique traditions of french music in the morning, (this years Parisienne picks were a shout out to Jeff and mine's holiday in France last year), a breakfast of chocolate brioches, strong coffee, and present opening. All this is followed by movie watching, then naps, an early dinner and most likely another movie. Throw in lots of anecdotes, magazine reading, and music playing in the background and we have a perfect Christmas. Even the incessant nose blowing is a part of this tradition, as it seems being sick, is also the only way that my family knows how to slow down! That is the only tradition I'd like to change...next year a kleenex free Christmas.

Wishing all who celebrate a wonderful Christmas full of love and laughter!


bodyblogger said...

hope you're feeling better! my hubby and i are starting to get over our colds....

Gina Sorell said...

Thanks BB! Colds and Christmas!! What a tradition :)

Hope that you and your hubby enter the New Year healthy and happy and have a great 2010!!

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