Writing, while away...

I'm flying to Canada today, to be with my family for two weeks! It promises to be a long and wonderful trip, packed with family and friends and fun and food. The challenge will be to find time to write in the middle of all of this frolic! I still have my novel to work on, and I actually have 2 naming jobs and a huge copywriting project. I was lucky enough to get all this work at the end of the year, which will make my January, much more comfortable!

But how do I carve out time to write? Well, I usually get up earlier and go to bed later than everyone else. I always travel with my laptop and my parents thankfully have wireless internet, so I can sneak into the attic and work in their office, before anyone gets up. And after everyone goes to bed, I do the same. Thankfully two of my jobs are on L.A. time, so with the time difference it feels like I get an extra 3 hours to get it all done! The other job is in Berlin, and it is a fabulous job with a really quick turnaround, so I am tackling that one first.

Thankfully my family is self employed, so they get it...but still, no one wants to watch me write when we only get to see each other a few times a year. So, it will be early mornings, Starbucks Via travel packs, and some Bose headphones for me!

What about you, how do you juggle family visits and work?

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lynn said...

this is the first time i'll be blogging around my side of the family - i'm curious to see how they'll react, actually....

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