A few of my favorite things...

Just a few. I have more. My desk is a veritable wonderland of talismans and treats, things to inspire me, lift my spirits when they flag, coerce me into staying in my chair and trying to get words on the page, for just a few more minutes. Here are three of my favorite things, that I can not live without. To start this section off I bring you three things that I eat, play and love all at once.

According to my grade 9 Drama teacher her earliest memories of me include a giant sized cup of coffee attached to my hand. She told me this once many years later...over coffee and as I finish my first cup of the day, I think about how much as changed. I mean I don't just drink coffee all the time, like I used to. I have one, okay, two, big cups every morning and then in the afternoon I prefer to eat my coffee in the form of these delicious little crunchy toffeed espresso bits covered in dark chocolate. I love coffee. I have an espresso pot, a machine with a timer, an old school Italian percolator, a bodum, and packs of Starbucks VIA for hot instant and Nescafe for cold instant frappuccino's. I have tried to stop several times, but it just seemed ridiculous to do so. I was depressed, haeadachey, miserable, and apparently this will pass...but I see no reason to find out. I mean, it's only really 2 generous cups a day. I was told that coffee was toxic, poisonous and polluting my system. But come one, I live in L.A.! Walking outside is like sucking on a tailpipe!Life is short. Writing is hard. I am going to enjoy my sweet elixir of the Gods.

Music. Some people can't listen to music and write. They need silence. These same people often do not eat at their desk, or even drink at their desk. They require no distractions. I have met them, but I can not say I like them. Kidding! I marvel at their monastic sensibilities, all the while rocking out to my favorite tunes by Broken Social Scene, David Usher, Death Cab for Cutie, (my first novel) BSS again, Bon Iver, Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones, (my latest novel.) When a cone of silence is needed, usually around me, (apparently not everyone wants to hear the same song played on repeat for 4 hours straight!) I put on these amazing cone of silence Bose headphones. If I turn the music off it is frighteningly quiet and I can hear my brain smoking, but if I turn the little button on the side, then I am at a rock concert for one, which is perfect for me, as I don't really like crowds anyways.

Lipbalmmmmmmmmmmm. It's moist and delicious and shiny and sometimes it stays on my lips long enough not to be licked off! The rest of the time it is on the rim of my coffee cup. I am sure that my lipbalm addiction is far more serious than my espresso pillow addiction, but no one seems to want to intervene here. Interesting.

And what about you? Is there something that you can not live without when you work? Or is always in your purse or bag? Candy? Handcream? Gum? I promise not to stage an intervention, if you don't.


lynn @ the actors diet said...

ginger chews and tootsie roll pops, as i'm sure you're already aware. but my sigg bottle and lip balm (i like kiehl's tinted) go everywhere with me too.

Gina Sorell said...

Yes I was aware of your ginger chews and tootsie roll pops addiction...I mean...um...affinity :)

You know I have never had a tootsie roll pop? I actually have some in my candy jar, but haven't tried them yet! Now I will have to.

Ditto on the Kiehl's and the Sigg.

tiffany kimball said...

The list is long, but I will try to exercise a bit of restraint...cereal (any and all, no discrimination here), lip gloss (can't think without it), hand cream (can't sleep without it), red wine (obvious), coffee (also obvious), cashwere blanket (so cozy and warm), bobby pins (for when I am perseverating on how much I dislike my hair), neulash (helps the lashes grow, nevermind the fact that i could very well be lashless by the time I am 40), and a good book to read at any given moment. Without any of the above I may just get down right cranky!!!

Gina Sorell said...

Ahahhahahaa Tiffany!! I love your list!! And all your justifications...um I mean...reasons :)

I could definitely add these things to my list as well...except I never knew about neulash?! Explains your beautiful lashes. A cashmere blanket sounds like a most sensible indulgence. I must ask Santa for one.

And for the record...I love your hair.

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