My New Blog!!!!

Well, this post definitely belongs in the Eat/Play/Love section...as I LOVE my blog's new layout.

A new year is upon us, and I wanted to start it off with a new look and a new format. The fact that I get to launch the new blog early, as we head into the holidays is an added bonus, as I love the holidays and there will be much blogging to do!

How it works...Each category on the right, corresponds with a day of the week!

Monday's posts are about the Writing Life,
Tuesday's we have interviews with Amazing Authors by award winning author Caroline Leavitt
Wednesday's we welcome special guests and guest bloggers
Thursday's we have a whole section devoted to all things yummy and fabulous in Eat/Play/Love
Friday's we wrap up the week with a Shout Out to someone or something terrific!

I hope that you like the new format and will continue to check in, comment (please!) and share it with others!!

Much Love, Gina :)


lynn @ the actors diet said...

sounds fabulous! can't wait to see more

Gina Sorell said...

Thanks Lynn!! I really appreciate you reading and commenting!!

Mighty said...

Love the new format.
Especially the notebook look, and the weekly program.
Very nice.

Gina Sorell said...

Oh thanks Mighty! I am so glad that you like it!! Yay!!

The Captain said...

Your site is fantastic!
(I thought I recognized that handwriting) Very personal and original - just lovely!

Gina Sorell said...

Thanks Captain!!
I am so glad you commented!
And I am really glad that you could read my handwriting!

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