The writing is on the wall...

Literally. Last week I received my giant magnetic erase board. I have wanted one forever, but I could only ever find the small ones that are available at places like Target and Staples, and what I really wanted, was a large dry erase board that I could map my novel out on. I like to be able to draw my story, and for a while butcher paper was working, but it usually ended up crumpled behind the bookcase or rolled up under my daybed. And so after much searching I found one on sale, and on-line and had it shipped to me. I love it. I have put all my plot points up, with color coded notes and a time line that I can follow to keep myself organized and if anything changes I can simply erase it and rewrite as I go a long. It is already full, and I am only half way through my novel, and I must admit that I was thinking, oh two would be great. And then another one arrived in the mail. This one was sent to me by accident and the shipping to return it, is almost as much as the board itself, so the company has offered it to me at cost, which means that I can now have two boards for essentially the regular price of one. How can I refuse? I said yes, and then rearranged my office to make space. I still have to hang the other one up, and will, on the opposite wall diagonally across from this one that faces my desk. On the second one, I can plan out the features for my blog, deadlines, ideas that aren't fleshed out yet, and stick up pics of things that inspire me with my cute magnets!

It is an embarrassment of riches, two boards, but it is amazing to me, just how helpful it has been to see my story mapped out and facing me. It shows me what I have done, and where I am going and all the great threads that I have woven. It helps me feel a sense of accomplishment and it eases my anxiety about the state of my novel and frees up some space in my head to try and make sense of it all. It's like a closet organizer for my brain! Only much neater and cleaner than any closet of mine, could ever be.

What about you? Do you work better with order or with chaos?

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lynn @ the actors diet said...

i work better with order, but it always turns out in chaos....i think i like to procrastinate by cleaning it all up and reorganizing

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