Friday- Shout Out!

Today's Shout Out goes to Courtney over at Hughes Design. http://www.hughesdesign.com

I first stumbled across Courtney's work when I was combing blogs for inspiration as I wanted to revamp my own. I contacted a blog writer, whose blog I'll share next week and asked her about her customized blog and she referred me to Courtney. I wrote her and we began e-mailing back and forth about what I wanted this new blog to look like. She had all sorts of great questions, like what were my favorite blogs? What was the feel that I was going for? But most importantly she is incredibly nice, responds right away, and is an amazing listener/reader letting me write and write and write about what I wanted; the colors, tone, style, feel of the blog and what my intentions were.

Hughes Design has a great price structure, that really breaks it all down, and affordable packages that range from the budget friendly, 1 design collaboration, to the 3 design collaboration. My budget allowed me to go for only one design, and I gotta say, I worried...what if I hate it? But Courtney assured me that never happens. And she was right. After 50 or more e-mails, she showed me the template you see here and I was thrilled! We went back and forth for another 50 e-mails or more, tweaking the color, the background, the fonts and it was Courtney who really encouraged me to scan my own handwriting for a more original and personal effect. After the design was set she worked her computer magic, yup, it's "magic" to me, and got the whole thing up and running!

Here it is...well over a hundred e-mails later, lots of finessing and much patience on her part...my gorgeous new blog. And what is so great was that this blog was literally born in cyberspace with the support of other bloggers and their gorgeous designs as inspiration and their willingness to share information...which is what the Shout Out, is all about.

And a Shout Out to all who are celebrating...Happy Chanukah!

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