Blame it on Tina...

Blame it on the fact that my birthday is a few weeks away, or that I am sick, or that after months of submissions, I am still waiting to hear which fabulous agent wants to represent my debut novel and get it published. But this morning I awoke thinking about Tina Fey and how fabulously talented she is, (I watched 30 Rock again last night!) and how successful she is and how hard she must work and I surely never work hard enough and when I am I going to be published and write that darn screenplay that everyone wants and finish that collection of personal essays and whether or not I actually want a baby, because although I am pretty sure that I don't, not because I don't love them, which I do, but because, well my life is much better suited to the furbabies and I don't actually hanker for the human kind and I'm not exactly 20 anymore and my kid would probably have to give up college to change my diapers by the time I got around to having them, and then when I thought that I might just go back to bed and stay there until tomorrow...I wondered where should the twinkly lights on the balcony go...and got up to take a look.

Oh if only it was this easy to distract my brain all the time. Just put up some shiny lights and wait for the worries to go away. Sigh. But they won't go away and the only thing to do is...do. Write, read, audition, hustle, repeat. Just keep at it. I resist saying "keep plugging away", and think that I should say "start charging ahead" instead. I bet Tina charges.

Sigh. Sniffle. Sip. Still sick...but still at it!

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