Early riser...

I am an 8 hour sleep kind of gal, I can do 7 or less, but I don't like to. Not to say that I haven't had fantasies of myself getting up at dawn to practice my yoga, go for a run and be at my desk typing away by 7:00 am, cup of coffee in hand. In my world the 7:00am becomes 11:00 or 1:00 or 1:30. There is that thing called life and obligations and auditions and responsibilities and the fact that some days no matter what the time I just stare at my computer screen and think...hmmm...what intelligent insights does people magazine dot com have for me today?

Sometimes it's easy to be creative and sometimes it isn't, but no matter what, one has to try. Creating is a job, as much as I would like to just follow the muse, I think that my muse would just lead me to the couch with a bowl of chocolate covered frozen yogurt and a glossy magazine in hand. Delicious for sure, but not the best strategy for producing new pages. And so whether my job starts at 7:00 or 11:00 or 1:30...I must clock in and work at finding the inspiration that lies deep, sometimes too deep, within.

Of course rising early for a gig is a much easier matter, the inspiration is already provided, I know exactly what I have to do, it's just show up be brilliant and wait for the check in the mail. The hard part is over. The hard part was getting the job. And so tomorrow I will rise with the sun and head to Venice Beach and bring to life the efforts of some other writer who labored over this script, wanting to nap on the couch, but stayed at the keyboard instead.

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