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Kids have such great imaginations, and The Young Storytellers Program helps them put those great imaginations to use. The program goes into a public school that wouldn't have any additional funds for arts programs and works with kids who want to try their hand at writing a screenplay. For 6 weeks volunteer mentors show up once a week for an hour to work with the young storytellers, helping them turn their ideas into pages that will eventually get acted out at "The Big Show" by professional actors.

Last night I had the pleasure of performing at "The Big Show" and it was fantastic. After playing a bunch of warm up games with the kids, the actors take their seats on the stage and introduce ourselves. The kids area allowed to ask us questions as they try to decide who might be the best person to cast in their show. Some of them cast really quickly, others nervously debate back and forth between actors until finally deciding who to hand their scripts to. When all parts are cast, they take their seats in the audience and we actors bring their characters to life with our scripts in hand, either as parts in their play or as extras or sound effects. The best part is watching the faces of these fourth graders as they watch their scripts come alive. They are nervous, and excited, and making sure that you say their every word as it is written, and when the narrator of the script reads aloud the final "The End", the smiles that explode on their faces as they bow to the thunderous applause of parents and friends is priceless.

To learn more about this great program and volunteering, please checkout...www.youngstorytellers.com

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