Friday...Fittings and First Drafts...

I just booked a U.S. National Commercial which is great news, the bad news is that I have a wardrobe fitting. Fittings stress me out. With nothing more than my sizes and a picture of what I look like the wardrobe stylists will go shopping for me and put together a selection of a dozen outfits or more which we will polaroid and I will model before the ad agency who will talk amongst themselves while I stand and listen to them debate which outfit looks the best. A persons wardrobe can tell a lot about them and in a campaign that is going to cost millions of dollars to make and took months to come to fruition, nothing can be taken for granted. Will skinny jeans be too hip? Is black to somber? Will a sweater limit the season this commercial can be played? Are chino's more young mom looking, or would capri's be a better choice?

It is all about the details and the details are what bring things to life. Whether it's in a commercial, or on the pages of a book, it's the specificity that counts, that turns a common tale into a unique one and draws the reader in. I don't mean never ending exposition or the abuse of adjectives, I mean having a clear picture in mind and knowing just what it takes to convey it.

This morning the ad agency and I will try to put together a look that brings to life the image of a frustrated mid-level office worker waiting in a long line at the lunch counter. And this afternoon as I work on a draft of a new essay I will try to bring to life the image of myself as an earnest and worrisome 3rd grader who has the world on her shoulders.

I think changing outfits is definitely the easier of the two!


Jessica said...

Sweet! Congrats on the spot G!

Caroline said...

Oh excellent! Will you tell me when the commercial runs!!!

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