Kleenex and Queries...

Well, my family has gone back to Canada...but my Dad was kind enough to leave me his cold as a souvenir. And wine gums and jammies and great laughs and times together...so I can't really be upset! It was a wonderful visit for all of us, and as promised, today I was back at it, writing queries and burning through boxes of Kleenex.

Queries are a strange thing. They take so long to craft and then each one must be personalized and that process can take hours researching the person I am sending to, what they like, what they don't, and what if hopefully any common ground we may share, so that my letter will stand out from the rest. It is a painstakingly long process and every agent, editor, publication, has their own particular quirks. And after all my agonizing over details, I will invariably find a teeny typo that somehow got overlooked, and then I will stress about that for the many weeks that it takes for someone to write me back. Sigh. This is the process. And the name of the game is endurance.

As my Dad always says..."last one left standing wins." But I say that sitting while sniffling counts too!

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