Personal Essay Writing...

I have been working on a collection of personal essays. After studying personal essay writing with Rochelle Jewel Shapiro and Caroline Leavitt at UCLA, I discovered that this style of writing is something that I have been doing my whole life, without ever really calling it, what it is.

I have always enjoyed mining my own life for all it's strange and wonderful events, and turning those events into anecdotes to amuse my friends and colleagues. Of course often times the amusement came out of something that was once painful, and the idea that these experiences could be transformed from heart ache to laughter was not only cathartic but reassuring. No longer would I have to hide my rejections or embarrassments, now I could display them as the little gold nuggets that they were!

One of the things that happens of course when you go back in time searching for the hidden treasures of your past, is that you are forced to relive some of these events and well that can be uncomfortable. If there is one thing I know for sure...I certainly do not miss my middle school years. I'll take being the other side of 30...any day.

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