Pretty in Pink..

This picture is of our dining room after my husband painted it pink! As you can see it is really pink, and really pretty and we wanted something fun and I think we got it. Our fabulous set designer neighbor downstairs gave us advice on the color and rearranging this room, that wouldn't quite come together. There were just too many elements, and so we took the carpet out changed the light and repainted and decided to make the room a fun place that showcases the unique flea market pieces that I refinished myself and the small art collection that we love. It was great advice...I mean this guy was a set designer for Ugly Betty before it moved to NYC!! Lucky me.

The blue painting is a picture called Youth that my parents gave to me from their own home for my 30th birthday, I had always coveted it, and the beautiful black and white photograph was a 35th b-day present, taken by my friend the fabulous director Gail Harvey. (Her show The Line is getting great reviews!!! Check it out.) It is of an old man, standing on the streets in NYC, holding balloons and offering them up to someone above that we can not see.

I love that these pieces are placed together, one old, one young, celebrating youth and age and the fact that a sense of wonder and magic never gets old. Age is a funny thing, and of course as today is my birthday, I am thinking about it. Do I feel 37? What does 37 feel like? In some ways I feel all the years of being a struggling artist, (even when working there are struggles), and in other ways I feel so young as there is still so much that I want to do and accomplish. And I feel a wisdom, a comfort in knowing who I am and how I got here, and for the most part genuinely liking myself, and I say this without any smugness, as there were a lot of years that I could only see what was wrong with me, and I am glad those days are gone.

Today I am going to spend the day writing, talking to friends long distance, trying to convince our landlord to let us transform the dirt pit out back into a backyard and then tonight my wonderful husband is taking me to see my favorite dance company in the world... The Alvin Ailey dance company, followed by moules et frites and wine at a great little brasserie. Fabulous!!

This year I wish for all the things I continue to wish for, health, happiness, love, laughter, safety, prosperity and peace for myself and all my loved ones...for more love and compassion and tolerance everywhere, and for me personally to find that great literary agent, and great publisher who will publish my debut novel, a recurring role on a tv show, a string of long running US nationals and for the writing to just pour out of me!! Oh yes, and a big Pinkberry with extra carob chips...please.


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday again my friend. I send you lots of love.

Caroline said...

LOVE the pink walls and the painting and photograph. Truly beautiful, Gina.

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