Crazy Days...

These are crazy days, and not in a heady sort of carefree anything goes tie dyed bell bottom way. No these are crazy days as in everyone I know is living under a cloud of doom and gloom thanks to the recession, the crazy economy and the publishing industry going to the shitter. As an actor it is strange to watch the publishing world do to itself what the world of film and tv has done in the past and suffered dearly for...paying salaries that are impossibly huge to so few that it there is nothing left for anyone else, and the expenses are often too great to make up.

Right now in the world of publishing only a few people are getting paid a massive upfront of 5-10 million for the novels, which if not recouped can wipe a publishing house out.It also means that there is no money for left to spend on anyone else..like new up and coming authors or even established authors. And if the publishing house fails to regain it's losses and closes, that means that there is one less possibility for the countless number of other writers who are looking for an outlet.

It is scary, because right now it is hard to get anything published and if this trend of paying too much upfront to too few continues, there will be fewer and fewer opportunities for everyone else.

Now don't get me wrong. I do not think that the decision lies solely with the artist,I think that the people at the top have a greater responsibility, and I think that artists should get paid handsomely for their contributions and yes if they can get millions...great! I would like to be in that situation! But maybe spread it around a little? Maybe smaller up fronts and bigger back ends...a bigger percentage of the royalties?

Spread the risk and spread the wealth. I truly believe that there is plenty to go around and I don't mean in a way that everyone just gets by...I mean I believe that there is the possibility of great abundance for many, not just a few, but I don't believe that rewarding only a few will keep either the publishing, or the entertainment industry very healthy for very long.

My fabulous writer friend Caroline Leavitt has been having this very conversation for a while now on her blog...go check it out! www.carolineleavittville.blogspot.com

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