Back on track...

New, new computer? Check. New, new monitor? Check. Car fixed? Check. At last all things seem to be working and I have gotten back on the writing horse and yesterday managed to write 750 words on my new project. It is hard to get back on the writing horse, but I did it.

Writing is like a muscle...it has to be trained and disciplined and worked out...and just like a muscle it can get soft if left alone too long or fed too much junk food...like internet gossip sites or facebook, a little is okay, but when there has been more web cruising, than writing...well that's not okay. And it is really easy to get busy doing other people's writing or spending time on the business of writing, rather than getting down to business and actually writing new material!

After almost three weeks of mysore Ashtanga yoga practice, I have seen how my body has slowly started to remember that it was once flexible and capable of doing more than just sitting at a desk. I have patiently gone 3-4 times a week, gradually building up from 70, 75, and finally today for 90 minutes of practice. I have experienced the wisdom of patience and dedication in my body and have practiced having faith that my practice will return to me and I will once more be able to do asanas that I have long forgotten how. I have trusted that all my hard work will pay off and that in the doing there will be freedom from worrying and more room and ability to do more. I think the same is true for the brain, and true for writing, and I know that for me the two are linked. To be able to write more freely, to improve my outlook, to be able to sit in stillness and focus my mind are just some of the many reasons that I humbly went back to my yoga practice. And if I can take all those lessons off the mat and put them on the page...well then that would be nirvana indeed.

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