Friday night date with my career...

So it's actually Friday 13th...scary...well not really, just the economy, the state of publishing and the lack of work in general out there. What's a writer/actor/namer/designer to do?

Well, the answer in short is hustle. Meetings this week with all my people, new strategies and plans, a new commercial friendly hair cut, new head shots, letters to lit agents who have shown interest, submissions out to others who have requested it, a deadline for an outline and rough draft of a new project...and a big glass of red wine and dinner in front of my computer. It is now nearly 10:00pm and I am going to call it quits on office hours. It has been a long day starting at 8:30 and I have been at my desk since 3:00pm.

Tomorrow, back at it! But tonight...a little frozen Pinkberry with carob chips awaits!

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