Sweet relief...

Somethings in the air...and it is not these delicious meringues which we saw in Paris. I love this picture of pink frothiness, it makes me happy. I would love to be as light as a meringue these days, but instead am finding myself and noticing that others too, are stressed. People are anxious due to the economy, couples are bickering, work seems to disappear and then reappear just when I am convinced it is gone. In short, things seem strained and tense in the world out there, and it's not just me.

What to do when this happens, this strange pervasive, things are hard feeling? Well for me, the answer is just doing. Write, walk, cook, read, watch a favorite show...all great. But the best was the other morning when I was in the middle of my ashtanga mysore practice, about an hour or more into the primary series of postures, and I suddenly felt relief. Hard earned, sweaty relief from the noise in my brain, the fatigue in my body, the heaviness in my heart that is aching for a friend going through a difficult time. Instead of anxiousness, there was calm, instead of chatter, there was quiet, and I was so grateful for my practice, so happy that I decided to start practicing again.

Today is a month since I started up my practice again and I am definitely better for it in all areas of my life. Of course this doesn't mean that when my alarm rings in the morning, that I don't want to just roll over and go back to bed. I do. Every time. But that's okay, I get up anyways and drag my bleary eyed grumpy under caffeinated self down the street, to the studio, roll out my mat and trust that the rewards will be worth the effort, and they are. And I leave lighter than I came, almost floating down the street, almost as light and pink as these meringues.

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