The Fixer...

Yesterday I just made it in my overheating smoking car to the garage. Of course it died 5 times on the way, smelled like burning rubber and just rolled into the autobody shop when I hopped out and yelled "she's gonna blow." Not because it's true...but it looked like it and Jeff had just called me a "stunt driver" and well, I was feeling a little dramatic.

The reality is that my little dirt mobile, as I call it, needs a new radiator. And maybe new brake pads. Although I would really just love it to have a shiny new coat of paint...silver maybe. After getting the bad news that it would cost close to $1000.00 we headed to The Apple store at The Grove, where the nice folks at the genius bar happily replaced my monitor and laptop. And I do mean happily. Having never seen a problem like mine they were giddy in only the way a techie can be to diagnose and treat a new problem.

As for me...I am done with problems, and will now only accept solutions. Got a problem in the apartment? Fix it. Problem with a project? Fix it. Trouble with a particularly challenging yoga posture? Fix it. And the same is true for my brain. Worried about a new writing challenge? Agent representation? Talent insecurities? Fix them. By doing, not worrying, not over thinking, not procrastinating. Doing. As if it were easy. After all, why can't it be easy? If I tell myself this enough I just might believe it, and believing is more than half the battle.

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