I don't know how a week has passed since my last blog. Okay I do...I have my mother in law visiting, so there has been less time in the office and more time visiting, I had a jewelry show that I was preparing for, there has been a constant stream of handy men doing long overdue repairs in our apartment, my new mac has been behaving badly and I have been on tech support, my car looks like it has died and I shot a spec pilot this weekend where I got the call, got the script and was shooting 3 hours later...and still managed to take a family trip to wine country in Solvang yesterday!

I am tired and feel a little saturated from all the treats that hanging with company brings, but it has been a great visit and I wish for my mother in law that there was more sun and less rain. But really more than anything, I want to not have any more things to fix on my list and just lock myself inside my office and start on my new project.

A new project. hmmmmm heaven.

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