The writing groove...

Falling out of the writing groove is easy..getting back in, not so much. Lately I am struggling with finding my writing rhythm and it makes sense why. We have a new place that we have been fixing up and settling into, visitors and have been back on the hustle. All of these things are wonderful, but the challenge of course is finding a way to keep doing all that I do...and not lose the writing.

One of my friends said recently that when he auditions, it takes his brain out of his writing and it is hard to get his head back into it when the audition is over. I know exactly what he means. Last year, I had a long stretch of uninterrupted writing time and it really allowed me to immerse myself in my work and the words were coming fast and furious. But this year, I have recommitted my efforts on a variety of fronts and my writing life has to share. I am practicing yoga again which is giving me greater patience and clarity and in general less anxiety and more joy. My mind and body really responds to a regular practice, and I am also auditioning more, and that too is yielding great results. And all of it is necessary for mind, body, soul, bank account and the aim of having a larger fuller life. I wouldn't change any of it. Except of course to be able to transition more quickly from one thing to the next. I know it can be done, lots of people wear different hats.

So tell me, what tricks do you do, to switch gears from one thing to the other without taking so much time to do so?

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