My new office!

Well at last we have set up our new apartment and I am loving it! We managed to get it done just in time for our first visitor who will be with us for 9 days! Good thing we have the extra room.

There are still little things to be done, like getting all the doors to close and hanging paintings and mirrors and getting new light fixtures...but for the most part is is complete, and it feels so good not to be surrounded by chaos!

Here is a peek of my new office. It has it's own little bathroom that isn't quite done yet and I still need blinds...but I love it. Jeff painted the walls a light purple as it is in the prosperity corner of our home and purple is supposed to be good for that. I hope so. With things as slow as they are in the acting world and the freelance market tight...a little...okay a lot of prosperity would be a good thing...now that we have a bigger place and all!


Caroline said...

Love the office!

Gina Sorell said...

Thanks Caroline!

And they replaced both my Mac's with freshies! No more bugs :)

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