Fun Family Friday...

Yay! For Friday. My parents arrive today from Canada and I am very excited about their visit! It feels like, and has been ages since I saw my Dad, and I miss them both very much. For five days we will mooch about and chat and hang out and read and watch movies and hopefully there will be lots of California sunshine for them to enjoy.

I have already decided that this will be a guilt free holiday. No worrying whether I am getting enough work done, no stressing about what I need to do...just going to take it all in stride, enjoy our time together and have fun.

Speaking of fun. A writer friend of mine wrote me about my last blog entry. He sympathized with the difficulty there can be in changing hats so quickly back and forth between different artistic disciplines- in my case, writing and acting. He encouraged me to essentially go with the flow, allowing myself to focus on one area for a period of time and enjoy the positive results that yielded and still check in with the other, but not force it. Right now, the acting is getting a lot of my attention and going really well, and this kind and wise friend reminded me that this was a good thing. He recommended still writing of course, but not worrying about it, or as I have been told before- not turning it into an unhappy event. And that's when I realized, in conjunction with a follow up e-mail from him that I am supposed to have fun. FUN. And that all my other activities were feeding my writing life, planting seeds in my subconscious that would grow and germinate later, when the tide switches back to more writing time.

This was a really thoughtful e-mail and I greatly appreciated getting it. This year I really wanted a bigger life. Bigger place, bigger circle of community, bigger projects, bigger possibilities outside of myself and the little world of my chair and laptop that I had created. I wanted to do more and experience more and give myself some actual space, both literally and figuratively to grow. And it is happening, and it is a good thing. And I want to thank my wise writer friend for reminding me that all these things...yoga life, writer life, jewelry designer life, friend/family/lover life are all part of a larger picture...life. It's all connected. As am I.

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