Oscar Night!

I admit it...I love the Oscars. I love the fashion, the fashion, the fashion...oh yeah and the movies that all these wonderful actors and actresses were nominated for. I love the movies, and I love celebrating them, but to me the Oscars are a big frothy parade of great dresses and shiny jewels, because let's face it, by now it's like the fourth award show, and so you already know pretty much what will win, and have already endured, the same tearful faux modest acceptance speech that starts out strong and ends up thanking one's attorney.

But every once in a while, there is a surprise, an acceptance speech that reminds us just how wonderful and meaningful being an artist is, and how winning the gold statue really will shape a previously under appreciated artists life. Whether it's the underdog winning over a star, the little film that could, or a someone as fabulous as Meryl Streep insisting that people give her little known co-star Taraji P. Henson a movie...there is always that moment when my eyes tear up, and my pragmatism and cynicism melt away and I wonder what designer I would wear while making my acceptance speech.

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