The earth is moving!

We have had not one but two small earthquakes here in Southern California and it is strange. On Sunday night we were enjoying dinner with friends when all of a sudden our table started to shake from side to side and all the plates rattled. My first thought was that my neighbor downstairs, who is a fabulous set decorator, was renovating again and drilling into the ceiling, "Oh G must've got a new chandelier," Jeff's first thought was, "bloody subway," and only our American friend said, "earthquake," and she said it so calmly. I on the other hand made everyone get under the dining room table, including the dogs. You can't stand in the doorway of an art deco building, it will collapse, I know, I was on "team earthquake" at our old place.

In other worlds, my new novel finally revealed one of its secrets to me...a key to my protagonists past, and a new character emerged. I was thrilled it when I had that little breakthrough, and on that day too...my earth moved.

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