Long weekends...

...are glorious!! Especially when they are five days long!! Hee hee. Well, my Sissy and Stu are here and I just have no plans to work. I mean, I can and I am...sort of...but this little surprise holiday is all about hanging out together and me worrying about where we should eat next. There have been bike rides on the board walk and farmers markets and movie nights and window shopping and lots of chips and salsa and really long walks in the sunshine and it has been marvelous and I am going to enjoy every minute, because on Friday afternoon, I will lock myself in my office and emerge a week later, when I have 20 pages done.

Of course my characters are not on holiday, and I trust that they will continue to keep working while I am playing and reveal their plans to me when I return to my desk.

Ciao for now!

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