Oh today has been one of those days. I went off to Yoga for the first time in over a week, thanks to my almost gone cold, caught up on e-mails and have been doing follow up on submissions and correspondence regarding various projects. But no matter what I do, I have that burning little devil in my chest that just makes me want to scream. And no it's not just because my American Idol favorite, the unbelievably talented Adam Lambert lost night. He is still going to be a superstar! (This girl will take Rocky Road over Vanilla any day.) But it's because all the world right now feels like it is in a wait and see holding pattern.

In writing, in acting, in advertising, everyone I work with is playing the old wait and see how things turn out game. Argh. I am not good at this game. I have tried, for years, and some days I can fake it pretty good, but sooner or later I will have a day like today where I just wanna yell..."Come on already!"

It's days like this I write more, and clean the house, and stay away from coffee.

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