Back from Ojai, which was wonderful!! The place we stayed at was lovely, the weather was beautiful and the company superb! There were many, many laughs and it was great to get away from L.A. Of course it made me want to move out to the country open a bed and breakfast and just write...a perfect marriage of my lust for real estate and renovations and my love for writing. What also makes it appealing, is that I would have a constant distraction from the worries of writing! Even with the fresh air and the singing birds, I would wake at 6:00am and think..."Where the hell is my novel going?" "What am I actually writing anyway?" "Maybe I should have written this story as a screenplay?!" "What would I call my bed & breakfast?" You see, a great big distraction is comforting, and I would fall back asleep not dreaming of my novel, but of landscaping and paint colors.

But now I am back, and all the questions of my second novel are still right where I left them, dangling on the page, waiting to be answered. Sigh. Oh Ojai, I miss ya already.

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