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This last week I was reminded again, just how important it is to have a great support group and I don't just mean this cute bunch on the left, given to me by friends and family. I mean actual writers out there who can talk you back from the ledge when you declare that you are going to either overhaul your new novel entirely or use it as wallpaper in the padded cell where you'll be shipped off to if you don't have a writing breakthrough soon!

My support came from some wonderful classmates in the UCLA Writers program. I adore the Writers Program at UCLA. A lot of writers, successful published writers, take classes there and it is a great way to keep learning and keep building skills. It is where I met the amazing writer/mentor/friend, Caroline Leavitt, finished my first book and began to build an on line community.

This weekend my fellow writers took the time to discuss with me the pros and cons of changing my story from a first person to a third person point of view. Some were for it, some against it, and my wonderful professor Robert Eversz gave me the terrific advice of trying it all and seeing what I think will sustain the narrative of the story for the long haul. But most importantly he told me "don't be afraid to fail." And with that he hit the nail on the head.

Part of my problem, and a lot of other people's as well, is the desire to do it right. Right, not write. Silly pun, but I'm serious. Part of finding the right way is to just keep writing until it becomes clear how best to tell your story. And so yesterday after 8 hours at my desk, a little window opened, a new character emerged, my protagonist made a pit stop on her road to discovery and I felt a glimmer of hope. Hope and possibility. Thank you everyone.

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