When rewrites go right!!

If you have been reading this blog, you know that I have been pulling my hair out wondering just how to tell my story in my second novel. Should I tell it from the first person point of view? The third? Should I switch whose story it is? Turn it into a screenplay instead? Learn how to make cupcakes for a living? Oh wait the last one was supposed to be a secret.

Well all that worrying and reworking and writing has paid off. The feedback from my peers is that my rewrites have made my story "150% better" and made them "want to read more!" To quote one of my colleagues, the changes were "well worth the pound of flesh it cost you." Wow. It was really great to hear that. After so much rewriting, I really started to wonder if I hadn't actually made things worse! Sometimes a little distance and some fresh eyes are needed, and I am grateful for both.

I am also grateful for happy accidents. It seems that for some reason I had set my formatting to 1.5 spacing, instead of double. Alas, it turns out that the ol' page count is actually now at page 71. I am right at the end of my first act climax, just where I wanted to be. Heaven. And now I can really enjoy my visit from my Sissy and Stu, who arrive in L.A. today!

Celebrations all around.


robert e said...

hey Gina - big thumbs up to you for fighting your way through doubt to clarity - your discovery about the line spacing is hilarious! it seems sometimes we're on track even when all signs say we aren't...

Peace, Robert

Gina Sorell said...

Thanks Robert! It's great to get feel like I am on the right track. And now I will just have to see where this track takes me!!

And who knew my inability to count lines correctly would come in so handy? hee hee.

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