I smell burnt toast...

Oh no wait... that is just the smell of my brain burning. Oh boy...why didn't I go to Law School again? Or become a shrink? Lord knows I have been both therapist and patient enough times over the years with friends and loved ones that maybe I should have taken it a little more seriously?

I can solve problems well enough in the real world, but in my fictional world, well, it's a little different. In novel world I am creating problems for my characters and fixing them at the same time, and it is really hard. Insert whining sound track here. I have become grumpy and irritable and don't want to talk about it anymore. I feel like time is running out and yet I just stare at my screen when I do have the time. Sigh. Somethings gotta give, and I am tired of it being me. Come on, novel, show yourself! It's only fair, we've been going steady for months now, and nobody likes a tease.

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