Offline and on target...

These days I have to fight for focus and there is a lot to distract me! The weather is great, patios are calling, facebook friends are facebooking, and my inbox is full of ads and e-mails all shouting, "summer is here!"

However I am not going on summer vacation. I still have 3 more weeks of an on line writing class to do and then I am jumping into 2 more classes; an advanced novel workshop and a screenwriting course focusing on analyzing structure and drafting an outline of a screenplay. This summer I want to kick it up a notch and get some serious writing done. And as it gets quiet in L.A. for a month or two audition wise, I should have no distractions except some very welcome visitors who will happily let me write and play.

The real distraction is the darn internet and the little indicator that lights up everytime I get a message. And it's not like I can stop myself from checking...I can't! So I gotta just shut it down, turn off the signal and make myself focus. All those distractions will be waiting for me when I am done, and this time I hope to meet them with new pages in hand!

Signing off!

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