And she accusses me of stealing!

Sorry to have not blogged for a few days, my dear friend Kim (I couldn't get her pic to rotate no matter what I tried!) has come to visit and we are spending our days having picnics in Santa Monica, mooching around The Grove, eating Mexican food at El Cholo and having dinners at home outside in the backyard. We are laughing and gabbing and catching up. You see Kim lives in Canada, when she is not traveling around the world being the fabulous award winning lighting designer that she is, and to get her for a few days not working and all to ourselves is a ridiculous treat!

Kim's only flaw is that she plays dirty when the bill comes. This is particularly upsetting, as playing dirty when the bill comes; snatching it from friends, sneaking the waiter my credit card before the food is even served, (all tricks I learned from my mom) is my specialty. Well, wise to this, Kim has started to announce aloud..."She's stealing something!" This makes me freeze in my tracks and let go of whatever it is we are having a tug of war over and allows Kim to make a dash for the cash register. Sigh. She is crafty.

Today we will be mooch about L.A. and tonight have dinner in Silverlake. And tomorrow a road trip to wine country for the day! Ah friends. They really do fill our hearts and remind us of who we are and what is important, like good laughs, good conversations, sharing dreams and yes every now and then, threatening incarceration to remind us just how much we are loved.

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