Solar Power twinkly lights and rewrites...

Today when I was running errands I found some solar powered twinkly lights at Target and bought them! Solar powered twinkly lights have long been a dream invention of my husband and I, although I see that not actually doing anything about it like, say... research, design, patent protection...we missed the boat and now they are the brainchild of some other environmentally friendly magpie! I am thrilled. I am going to wrap the cute little stars in the lime tree and enjoy margarita's by their luminous light when my friend Kim comes to visit me tomorrow! Woohoo! I tell ya there is nothing like a house guest to kick your butt in gear. I have been clearing my desk and writing away for days so that I can have some fun time. Of course Kim is fabulous and knows that I will need to work too, but it never hurts to get a few days ahead.

This afternoon is all about rewriting my script beat sheet, which is so much harder than it sounds. My brain has just started to wrap its head around several questions regarding the structure of my new novel and along comes the script beat sheet, a completely different, but just as demanding animal. Sigh.

Let's just say that I am happy that I got a blender to make the iced coffees that I have been mainlining!

Back to the beat board!

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