Ignoring the novel...

This has been a crazy week, and a great week! Great because I have been really busy and crazy because somehow I only generated one new page of my novel. Okay, I rewrote my synopsis, rewrote my 5 page outline for a new screenplay, did 2 freelance jobs, auditioned and gardened like a maniac, but still...no new novel pages...really? Really. Sigh.

Sometimes this is what happens to me. I get to a place in my novel, where I just know that the best thing to do, is walk away from it, for a teeny bit. I still check in on it and it still turns over itself in the outer reaches of my brain, but in some ways, I choose to ignore it. I garden. I spend more time on my acting, I read magazines and watch movies. It's like we are having the kind of fight that you sometimes have with a really close friend, the kind where you love one another, but don't necessarily like one another, and you decide to give each other space until the weirdness has blown over. That's where I have been with my novel since Tuesday. I'm a little pissed at it. It keeps changing its mind on me, promising one thing and then offering up another. We are at an impasse my novel and I, and as it seems that neither of us will yield, I think the best thing to do, is to wait another day or two and pretend that nothing is wrong and try again.

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