Hot Summer In The City!

It's really here. Summer has finally arrived in a big way this week and the heat has come with it. But this year, I will not have to sit at my desk and turn into a puddle! No, this year, I will be able to write in crisp air conditioned goodness all day long. And this, I think, is a good thing. I mean I have lots of writing to do, novel writing, copy writing, screenwriting...lots. And now it seems, no excuses.

So why then, in spite of my attempts to control the temperature, does my brain and body still feel like it's a hot, lazy summer day? Is there just a natural rhythm to the seasons and the way we work that stays with us, a sort of hold over from school days when summer meant a 2 month long break and September meant back to school? I know that every September I feel energized and want to go out and buy new colored pencils and notebooks even though I don't need to.

What about you? Do you work differently at different times of the year?

1 comment:

lynn said...

summer makes me not want to work. i guess the many years of schooling engrained that.....

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