Change the sheets! Next guest arrives at noon!!

My dear friend Kim left yesterday after a truly wonderful visit. I have known Kim for eight years now, when she directed me in a show that was a really big deal for me. I had been doing lots of sketch comedy and working with Second City and Kim not knowing me had asked me to come in and read for a part in a play based on the recommendation of one of the cast members. She needed a fast talking Noir Dame, a genre I adore, and I needed a great gig! Much to my surprise, Kim gave me the role, and that summer I got to work with some unbelievably talented actors. Our play got rave reviews, the cover of a newspaper, a 2 page spread, was the 'Hit of the Fringe' and sold out every single show! Professionally, it exposed me to an audience that had never seen my work, personally, it was the start of some great friendships.

Now all these years later it is amazing to see just how much each of us has grown and accomplished and talk about where we want to be in the next eight years. Even though we are on different career paths, the dreams for our careers and ourselves are not that dissimilar...to keep being artists, to keep challenging ourselves, to thrive and prosper, and yes to have a pied a terre in NYC! The onus is now on Kim for that one, after all, she also loves the ocean... but I got that part covered!

Time to change the sheets! My mother in law arrives at noon...I hope I can get her green thumbs into our garden.


Jessica said...

This picture just made me smile! It's so nice to see your cute face!

Gina Sorell said...

Thanks Jessica! Miss you!!

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