My brain has shut off...

It happened yesterday at 2:30pm. I had made my Tuesday deadlines and thought that I would go to the backyard for some fresh air. I sat in the big Adirondack chair, let the dogs out, mine and my neighbors, opened my laptop to return e-mails and stared off into space. An hour later, still starting. An hour and a half later, I am chatting with my neighbors, laying down gravel, and heading inside for what I hoped would be more work, but alas, was just more staring. I watched a couple hours of Nurse Jackie, bathed and was in bed and sleeping by 10:00pm.

And it seems that the brain fog has not cleared. I have been distracted, locked myself out of my apartment, forgot to eat breakfast until 11:30...and can not stop yawning. I am hoping that a long walk will shake of these cobwebs and help me to focus once more.

I start my advanced novel writing workshop today and have pages that need editing and more pages that need to be written. I am hoping that the forecast calls for the overcast brain clearing by noon and a clear and bright brain for the rest of the day!

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