Monday writing madness!!

Whose idea was this? To write a screenplay this summer and work on a new novel and take courses at UCLA? Oh wait... that was mine.

I have spent the whole day writing away, hammering out the outline for a screenplay that has drastically changed since I started it two weeks ago. It's good for me to do this and I am loving bouncing ideas around, but my head is going to explode. There are characters coming and going and story lines beginning and ending and endless editing as I change my mind constantly about what the story is that I am trying to tell. The hardest thing for me is to distill the story down to a log line, one sentence that says this is a story about. Once I have that, I write it down and refer to it again and again, reminding myself when things get too crazy to focus on what the story is about, what is at its truest, most pure heart.

This weekend while festivities were under way for the 4th of July, happy belated all, I was at home at my desk, watching a different kind of fireworks go off on the pages of my new novel. A new character took focus, a secret was revealed and I passed page 100. Finally. The writing madness is paying off...which is a good thing, because it only gets crazier from here!

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lynn said...

Yay craziness = productivity! Can't say the same holds true for me....;)

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