Stop and smell the...

...roses. Friday is here. At last. Yay. Somehow managed to get my 7 page integrated beat sheet outline done for my screenwriting class, got my other writing assignment in, did a last minute freelance job, and now just need to read Life of Pi before Sunday when my book club meets. It was a busy week of working, and trying to hustle up work and I gotta say the hustling part is the most stressful!

But now the weekend is here, and although I will work all through out it, tonight I will take a break to visit with friends, share some homemade Quinoa stew, salad, and a glass of vino from my trip to wine country. Mmmmmm....smell those roses!

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lynn said...

enjoy your weekend, m'dear - supposed to be nice weather! thanks also for your comment about my movie - i'll definitely be needing your help!!!

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