Hotter than Hades...

It's Wednesday, affectionately known as the loudest morning of the week-day. The garbage starts at 6:30am, the neighbors gardener at 7:30 am, and 8:30 and 9:00...they do every house on a two block street. At 10:00 am we have street cleaning to look forward to...which means I have to run out and move my car or I'll be ticketed for $55.00. It's not only insanely loud...but HOT. I am talking 72 degrees and climbing...we are expected to go to at least 90 degrees today, and we have no air conditioning. Oh wait, I exaggerate, we have a unit in the bedroom, which really helps, considering I do all my writing at my desk in the living room. Thanks to heavy curtains, and fans we are able to block out the sunlight and draw the thin wisp of cool air from the tiny window unit, into the rest of the apartment. It helps us keep this place to a crisp 10 degrees less than outside. I have written a letter requesting permission to put another unit in the living room, but have been denied. It appears it will change "the look" of the building. And after all "it's not that hot, and it lasts just a few months of the year." No doubt, the person writing this letter is sitting at their desk working in an air conditioned out of home office. How nice for them. I think I would like to turn off their A/C and see how productive they are. It's not that bad after all, just a few months... of living on the sun, while my brain melts and I turn into an evil witch.

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